Aalborg receives a certificate for PTES lid technology

Danish renewable and energy storage specialist, Aalborg CSP has received the certificate for the unique Pit Thermal Energy Storage (PTES) lid technology. The certificate and stamp of quality is the final important step for the cheapest energy storage technology in the world as a fully commercialized and bankable investment in low-temperature thermal energy storages.
Aalborg CSP has just received the certificate for its PTES technology, a Technology Qualification Certificate which proves that the PTES technology and unique lid solution fulfills the requirements for design and functionality. Among other things, this includes a minimum lifetime of 25 years, a minimum energy loss and an availability factor of 100% without risk of stoppages. Moreover, a minimum 90% of all materials used in a PTES are recyclable.
The latest achievements in improving the insulated PTES lid cover have further matured the PTES technology making it a bankable investment for utility companies worldwide.
The lid solution from Aalborg CSP will ensure a lower heat loss inside the PTES resulting in higher performance and reliability of the storage.
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