ACT secures USD 5.5M from DOE Phase II SBIR projects

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has won an impressive five (5) DOE Phase II SBIR projects, totaling USD 5.5M. These awards further amplify ACT’s position within the energy market, where they are already providing cutting-edge products for wind energy, nuclear energy, and power electronics/power conversion systems.

ACT is working on a low-cost resin-material-based direct air capture system to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. The system uses a novel ion-exchange method and low-grade heat sources like industrial waste heat or geothermal energy to regenerate the sorbent material. Initial testing shows the system can capture over 90% of CO2.

This project focuses on improving cooling for high-frequency transformers used in electric vehicle charging stations, increasing charger efficiency and power, to support more widespread EV adoption. Novel designs with passive cooling features like ceramic heat pipes will remove heat from key transformer components.

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