Alfa Laval launches double-wall brazed heat exchangers

Alfa Laval launches new double-wall brazed plate heat exchangers. With a unique design, the new models provide both the market’s greatest protection against the mixing of fluids as well as increased heat transfer efficiency.

A key feature of the new brazed heat exchangers is what Alfa Laval has dubbed the “three-barrier” technique. This refers to a combination of the traditional double-plate pairing along with an added barrier, or “vent,” formed by an air gap between the two channel plates. In extremely rare cases where a leak could occur, this design allows it to be immediately detected from outside the unit, thereby minimizing the possibility of media mixing.

Thanks to a unique plate design, Alfa Laval has been able to implement the three-barrier technique with minimal loss to the overall efficiency of the unit. The new generation of double-wall brazed heat exchangers can, therefore, provide nearly the same thermal performance as similarly sized single-wall models, with low pressure drop and zero risk of media mixing.

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