Heat Exchanger World Editorial Programme 2023

January/February 2023

Cover story: Dunn Heat, USA

January/February Bonus Distribution

March 2023

Cover story: Venus Pipes & Tubes, India

March Bonus Distribution

April 2023

Cover story: Hexonic / Secespol, Germany

April Bonus Distribution

May/June 2023

Cover story: Vahterus, USA

May/June Bonus Distribution

July/August 2023

Cover story: Peinemann Equipment, The Netherlands

July/August Bonus Distribution

September 2023

Cover story: Available

September Bonus Distribution

October 2023

Cover story: Heavy Metal & tubes, India

October Bonus Distribution

November/December 2023

Cover story: Ward Vessel & Exchanger, USA

November/December Bonus Distribution

Deadlines are subject to change at discretion of KCI Publishing

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