Energy Cluster Denmark–Aalborg work on heat reuse plan

In 2025, the Danish data centers are expected to consume 3,600 GWh annually. This corresponds to a tenth of Denmark’s total electricity consumption. The data centers’ massive power consumption is the starting point for the innovation project Green DC.

In this project, the companies Heatflow and R&R Consult, together with Aalborg University and facilitated by Energy Cluster Denmark have developed a solution that can both reduce power consumption, cool the data centers’ servers CO2-neutrally and at the same time send the surplus heat on to the district heating network, or the local buildings.

The climate-related double bonus is ensured by the fact that, through the innovation project, the partner group has developed a new condenser, also known as heat exchanger that is connected directly to the servers. Thereby, the heat is diverted to the district heating system in a closed circuit. The cooling technology is carefully adapted to the servers of the data centers.

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