Eni Announces Construction of Italy’s Third Bio-Refinery

Eni has confirmed its plans to construct Italy’s third bio-refinery in Livorno. This endeavor involves establishing three novel facilities dedicated to the production of hydrogenated biofuels: a biogenic feedstock pre-treatment unit, a 500,000 tonnes/year Ecofining™ plant, and a facility for hydrogen production from methane gas.

The conversion of the Livorno industrial site underscores Eni’s commitment to its decarbonization strategy, which targets carbon neutrality by 2050 and aims to boost bio-refining capacity from the current 1.65 million tonnes/year to over 5 million tonnes/year by 2030.

In alignment with this strategic shift, Eni has halted crude oil imports and initiated the cessation of lubricants production lines and the Topping plant at the Livorno site. However, fuel distribution in the vicinity will continue through the importation of finished and semi-finished products.

Preparatory activities for the construction of the three new bio-refining plants are currently in progress, with construction slated to commence post-regulatory approval. It is anticipated that completion and commissioning will occur by 2026.

These facilities will process a variety of biogenic feedstocks, primarily vegetable waste and residue, to yield HVO diesel, HVO naphtha, and bio-LPG.

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