Heat exchanger intended for the cooling of ketchup

A company involved in the design, manufacture, and installation of equipment for the pharmaceutical and food industries has contacted SACOME to request assistance in the supply of a heat exchange system. Their client wants to address the modernization of their production line and want to replace the heat exchanger intended for the cooling of ketchup and expand its capacity. 
Currently, they use a scraped surface heat exchanger that does not meet expectations; the required cooling temperature is not reached, and the costs and maintenance times are higher than expected. The client wants to analyze alternative options to scratched surface heat exchangers.
In close collaboration with the installation company, SACOME analyzes the current problem and studies in detail the rheological characteristics of the product; it is a ketchup sauce with a clear Non-Newtonian behavior, having a high content of seeds and dissolved grains.
The technical department of SACOME proposes an annular space heat exchanger, model S-TF40A-D with axial product inlet and fully removable tubes.
After acquiring this tubular heat exchanger, the client confirms that the desired cooling temperature is now reached and is very satisfied with the technical advice received.
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