HRS creates unique R Series of heat exchangers

HRS Heat Exchangers has created its unique R Series of rotating scraped surface heat exchangers from scratch to provide excellent heat transfer and performance. 
The range R Series of heat exchangers was designed without reference to existing types of scraped surface heat exchangers (SSHE). As a result, the HRS R Series of SSHEs boasts a number of unique features such as patented helical blade scraper bar design; unique gearbox design to reduce noise; multitube options to reduce footprint, energy consumption and operating costs; and unique sealing system to allow removal of individual tubes.
While the patented helix is the main feature of the R Series, there are other unique design elements which make it superior to other SSHEs. The R Series is available in both single- and multi-tube versions (containing three and six tubes per unit).
Trial units are available for testing and evaluation around the world, and the engineering and development team at HRS continues to develop and adapt the R Series for new applications and processes.
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