INNOVA seat valves awarded 3-A certified

The 3-A certificate has been awarded to INNOVA valves, N-type and K-type, designed for use in the main treatment processes for food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical products.

3-A certification is a worldwide renowned hygiene standard, ensuring the highest safety and hygiene. Thus, INNOVA N (shut-off valve) and INNOVA K (divert valve) seat valves are authorized to carry 3-A symbol. Specifically, INOXPA obtained standard 53-06. These valves obtained 3-A certification for all valve sizes as well as seal options.

Known for its hygienic design, the range of INNOVA valves has EHEDG certification, ensuring comprehensive cleaning using CIP, without requiring disassembly. It complies with the FDA, EC 1935/2004 and ATEX versions are also available.

INOXPA underwent a thorough certification process in their facilities in order to obtain the 3-A certificate, testing compliance with the established 3-A Sanitary Standards requirements. This independent inspection, called Third Party Verification, ensures independent authorization, protecting the integrity of the symbol, and indicating the high-quality level behind the symbol.

The certification includes a unique authorization number too. Code 3702 is a publicly available guarantee for online verification of the authorization granted to INOXPA to use and display these products with the 3-A quality symbol.

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