Kaltra launches Lightstream Turbo II HL

Kaltra had busied developing chillers for high-temperature lift applications. Efforts were made towards the design of Turbocor-based air-cooled chillers as the most energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable solution. 
At present, Kaltra launches its new Lightstream Turbo II HL range with an expanded operating map with a maximum saturated discharge temperature of as high as 70°C. With up to 4 Turbocor TTH/TGH series compressors on board, the range offers a nominal capacity rating of up to 1800kW without performance degradation over the life of the chiller thanks to oil-free, magnetic bearing technology. Hot water production is optionally available with either desuperheater (partial heat recovery) or condenser (full heat recovery).
Lightstream Turbo II HL chillers are available with either flooded or low-charge falling film evaporators.
New high-lift range chillers utilize A1 R134a, lower GWP R513a, and ultra-low GWP A2L refrigerant HFO-1234ze. With these chillers, Kaltra also introduces new control features ensuring adaptive response to cooling loads.
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