Kono Kogs complete the upgradation of thermal oxidizer

Thermal oxidizer supplier Kono Kogs expertly handles unusual installation and commissioning circumstances to complete a special upgrade of environmental pollution control equipment, reducing operating costs by over 40% for a carpet manufacturing process.

Extensive knowledge of different available oxidizer brands and their individual technologies, the ability to install extremely heavy equipment in an unusually difficult-to-reach location, tight project management and ability to meet budgetary constraints were essential to project success.

The heart of any thermal recuperative oxidizer is the heat exchanger. In this case, the heat exchanger, a MEGTEC/Katec thermal recuperative oxidizer was in excellent condition and was not replaced; even though this oxidizer was fairly old, it was lightly used and was of a bent heat exchanger tubes design that extends heat exchanger life, by reducing thermal expansion stress on tubes and tube sheets when operating at temperatures of 1450F.

Kono Kogs provided a new burner assembly and coordinated control logic changes with the customer to integrate the controls into their facility-wide control platform.

The new oxidizer will use approximately half of the gas of the previous unit.

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