L&M unveils heat transfer solution in the MESABI® CUBE™

L&M Radiator, Inc., home of the MESABI® line of heat exchange solutions, has unveiled the latest heat transfer solution for the fracking industry in the MESABI® CUBE™ Cooling System. The system brings enhanced durability and serviceability to the fracking field.

Hydraulic fracking procedures can produce some of the most extreme mechanical stresses to engine cooling systems.

MESABI® flexible core heat exchangers are manufactured with removable tubes held in place with rubber seals. This design prevents downtime in two ways. First, the rubber seals absorb vibration, shock and thermal expansion to prevent leaking, unlike soldered seams found in conventional radiators. Second, tubes can easily be removed and replaced, allowing for in-field repair.

The MESABI® CUBE™ Cooling System focuses on serviceability. Its minimal maintenance design comes fitted with an access door for easy and effective cleaning from inside the unit. Additionally, the system is 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S.

The cooling system also features L&M Radiator’s patented MESABI® S-Fin coolers. The cooling systems can be completely custom engineered to application specifications and can be fitted with low-noise options.

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