LU-VE Group installs a new production line in Limana

In 2004, LU-VE Group created products that use natural refrigerant fluids (CO2, NH3, HC), as an alternative to traditional HFCs. Increasingly, carbon dioxide (CO2) is being used as a radical solution to eliminate the greenhouse effect caused by halogenated hydrocarbons. To meet this growing demand, LU-VE Group has installed a new production line in its plant in Limana (Belluno) dedicated to products that use CO2 and propane, with the expectation of installing another one, always dedicated to the production of machines that use fluids – natural refrigerants. These products are intended to replace traditional heat exchangers that use HFC refrigerants.

The process of replacing products that use refrigerants with high environmental impact in favor of products suitable for the use of low GWP refrigerants has been an activity promoted by the LU-VE Group for several years and is absolutely in tune with the next steps of the legislation. F-GAS is expected as early as 2022.

The use of a 3/8″ diameter pipe makes these exchangers suitable both for use with refrigerants operating at high operating pressures (CO2) and with flammable refrigerants (HC) where it is essential to regulatory level contain the amount of refrigerant charge.

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