NovusBloc design enhances heat exchange performance

The NovusBloc™ welded plate heat exchanger encompasses a Tranter premium design concept offering a boost in heat exchange performance and durability for these processes in comparison to substitutable products. 
With a patented novel plate design, the NovusBloc provides state of the art weld quality and enhanced resistance against cyclic pressure and temperature process conditions while also minimizing unnecessary additional pressure loss. Moreover, the design has an innovative design of the wetted linings that protect non-wetted components from the process fluid which enhances the mechanical durability as the design enables mechanical stress reduction and uniform stress contours in the weld seams.
The NovusBloc is able to withstand tough operating conditions in both single-phase and two-phase flow applications with performance verified by R&D through heat transfer, plus both pressure- and temperature fatigue qualification testing.
Furthermore, the NovusBloc offers outstanding potential for reduced unit size, weight, and footprint and comes in four different model sizes depending on the users’ heat transfer duty requirements.
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