PHNIX broadens the model range of HeatMax series

PHNIX, a heat pump manufacturer in China, has recently broadened the model range of its HeatMax series water chiller to a large capacity up to 250kW.
HeatMax series heat pump water chiller can produce high-temperature outlet water and simultaneously performs free cooling. The double effects that it brings use the same amount of energy but provide both hot water and free cool air which creates great commercial values. With 50Hz and 60 Hz global applicable power supply and large 250kW heating capacity, HeatMax series vastly expands its use in commercial and industrial occasions. It can and will contribute significantly to achieving more efficient water heating, shortening the payback period for business owners and helping to combat global warming.
The new model of HeatMax series comes with many highlights such as various applications, higher ROI, more reliable, and compact design & flexible installation.
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