Plate heat exchanger: a high-efficiency heat exchanger

Plate heat exchangers are ideal for heat exchange between liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor. It is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger which is assembled by stacking a number of rows of metal sheets with a certain corrugated shape.

The structural principle of the plate heat exchanger: the detachable plate heat exchanger is made up of a plurality of stamped corrugated sheets at regular intervals, surrounded by gaskets, and pressed by a frame and a compression screw, and the plates and gaskets are four. The corner holes form a distribution tube and a collecting tube of the fluid, and at the same time, the cold and hot fluids are reasonably separated to flow in the flow paths on both sides of each of the sheets, and heat exchange is performed through the sheets.

A heat exchanger consisting of a baffle, a compensation ring, and a heat release nozzle. When the fluid is heated at a high temperature, the compensation coil is to eliminate the thermal stress because the temperature difference between the shell and the tube bundle is too large, causing different thermal expansion rates.

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