SACOME redesigns I-TFM-I heat exchangers in a WWTP

SACOME has been awarded a new contract for the redesign and manufacturing of two I-TFM-I tubular heat exchangers to replace two existing heat exchangers in a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). The system of the current heat exchangers has continuous obstructions in the smoke channel, due to the dragging and deposition of the particles present and breaks in the tube-plate welds that force them to blind the tubes, with the consequent loss of exchange surface and performance. 
After analyzing the problem, SACOME’s technical department has proposed a redesign that provides a solution to the current heat exchangers problems. Among other improvements, the following matters are proposed: (1) The modification of the existing heads, with a design without dead zones that avoids the accumulation of residues. (2) Changes in diameter and thickness for the inner tubes, to facilitate easy cleaning by mechanical means, if necessary. (3) Change of construction material, both in the channel in contact with the smokes and in the channel in contact with the service water. (4) Heat exchangers intended for the smokes cooling in the cogeneration system of a wastewater treatment plant.
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