Sanicro® 35 secures two European projects

Sanicro® 35 was chosen for two important European projects. Each project replaces heat exchanger tubing in different applications, one in a phosphoric acid plant and the other for a recycled column condenser at an ethylene oxide plant. Phosphoric acid plants have traditionally been designed with graphite heat exchangers to combat the highly corrosive concentration process. The versatile properties and lower corrosion rate of Sanicro® 35 can extend the life of phosphoric acid evaporators.

After significant research, trials, and support, including discussions on the best way of welding the alloy to the tube sheet, its customer replaced tubing on a heat exchanger with Sanicro® 35.

One of its long-time customers, an ethylene oxide producer, was searching for ways to extend the life of its critical recycled column condensers using seawater. These condensers typically suffer from corrosion problems such as pitting, crevice, and erosion corrosion.

Recognizing the possibilities to extend production lifecycles, its customer upgraded its condenser tubes and plates with Sanicro® 35.

The benefits of Sanicro® 35, now available globally, combined with its focus on R&D, continuous customer support, excellent relationships with end-users, and technical teamwork have resulted in these orders.

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