SECO/WARWICK & BREW frame a production line at Aalberts

A SECO/WARWICK CaseMaster Evolution vacuum furnace and BREW atmosphere furnace will make up a new production line in the specialized commercial hardening plant of Aalberts Surface Technologies Heat in Kalisz (Poland). 
The new SECO/WARWICK furnaces will create a production line that will be used for successive vacuum carburizing (LPC) and gas quenching (CMe-T furnace), followed by annealing (BREW furnace) to reduce the internal stress of the treated metals. Performing so many processes is possible thanks to the combination of vacuum technology with atmosphere technology
The three-chamber CaseMaster Evolution-T is a huge furnace with 1 ton per batch capacity and an annual output of up to 2,000 tons of parts. It is interesting to note that this furnace has an incredibly fast cool nitrogen chamber, achieving results similar to helium and oil cooling, creating an ultra-environmentally friendly system.
On the other hand, the BREW 6810 solution will make it possible to perform the annealing process immediately after vacuum carburizing. It is a versatile furnace that can operate between 300 and 750 °C. It is equipped with a system enabling treatment under the nitrogen atmosphere, preventing oxidation on the heat-treated workpieces.
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