SonFlow A/S expands its product portfolio with DanPumps

SonFlow A/S has succeeded in developing optimal energy efficient pumps branded DanPumps, for use in all types of industries, including district heating, food processing, the wastewater industry, and in other industrial and sanitary industries. 
With the climate challenges the world is facing currently, installed heat exchangers and pumps need to be even more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Heat exchangers and pumps in existing production facilities need to make better use of energy, leading to the replacement of old and inefficient plate heat exchangers and pumps for new and highly efficient products.
In recent years, SonFlow has therefore developed a comprehensive selection of plate heat exchangers, which means that SonFlow can not only offer pumps and plate heat exchangers individually, but also can provide complete heat exchanger and pump packages for optimal energy solutions for all markets
In these packages, the heat exchanger and the pump can be paired in respect of pressure drop and flow rate to produce the best and most efficient solution.
A series of brazed plate heat exchangers with connections from DN25 to DN100 and a series of free flow plates with connections DN100 to DN350 will be ready later this year.
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