SWEP launches B4T and V250AS for refrigeration & AC

SWEP announced the launch of the B4T Ultra (U) Pressure and the V250AS, two new brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) to the refrigeration & air-conditioning (AC) markets. 
SWEP’s new B4U (Ultra Pressure) model has been developed for applications in refrigeration targeting CO2 as the preferred natural refrigerant choice, with a specific focus in water loop applications and small condensing units. The innovative B4T-U model is compact in size and can withstand transcritical pressures, making it a very competitive solution. This new BPHE model can be used as a condenser, economizer, and gas cooler in several refrigerant applications.
The new V250AS evaporator is for the AC market, with an operating range between 80kW and 250kW. It targets reversible chiller applications with a higher temperature approach, making it an excellent choice for medium to low-efficiency applications where the pressure drop over the distribution device needs to be low.
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