Update: Polar Night Energy

In an exciting development building upon our previous article here, Polar Night Energy and Loviisan Lämpö have united to establish a 1 MW Sand Battery in Pornainen. This innovative project harnesses crushed soapstone from Tulikivi’s production for non-combustion heat generation, aiming to reduce carbon emissions by an impressive 70%, thereby advancing the cause of green energy.

The Sand Battery, characterized by its flexibility in electricity usage and heating production, has the capacity to store one-month heat demand in summer and one-week demand in winter. This capability not only enhances grid stability but also contributes significantly to the integration of renewable energy sources.

Championed by Loviisan Lämpö, a company under the ownership of CapMan Infra, this collaboration underscores CapMan’s commitment to climate action. Supported by Business Finland’s energy aid, this project signifies a monumental shift in district heating paradigms and the scalability of renewable energy solutions.

Led by Polar Night Energy, the construction of the Sand Battery is projected to be completed in 13 months, marking a significant advancement in Sand Battery technology. Liisa Naskali, COO at Polar Night Energy, believes this endeavor represents a crucial step towards achieving sustainable district heating solutions and sets a precedent for future innovations in the field.

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