USDA provides financial support to Alaska communities

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Rural Utilities Service Administrator Chad Rupe recently announced that USDA is providing financial assistance to six organizations in Alaska to help them offset high energy costs in some of the most remote parts of the state.

The Denali Commission is receiving USD3 M grant to help construct a 300- to 400-kilowatt hydroelectric generating facility at Five Mile Creek in Chitina.

MTNT Energy LLC is receiving USD2.9 M to upgrade distribution equipment in McGrath.

TDX Adak Generating LLC is receiving USD3 M to install a diesel gen-set, an emission control system, fuel distribution and storage tanks, and hot water heat exchangers for a heat recovery system at the city hall in Adak.

The INN Electric Cooperative, Inc. is receiving just under USD1 M to install a standby emergency generator, make lighting upgrades, and hydro energy recovery electric heaters at the Iliamna airport.

The Tanalian Electric Cooperative, Inc. is receiving a USD755,000 grant to install a generator and a heat recovery system at the school, and electrical distribution systems in Port Alsworth.

The city of Teller is receiving a USD958,000 grant to install a heat recovery jacket on a diesel-fired power generator.

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