Waterco’s Electroheat MKV delivers high heat transfer

Waterco Ltd has re-designed its popular side vented Electroheat MKV heat pump, which is not only sporting a new pewter color but a special coating that ensures high heat transfer and corrosion resistance for pool and spa owners living in humid or coastal environments.

Additional improvements based on customer and sales feedback include a robust exterior to reduce noise and vibration and a pressure gauge that indicates the level of refrigerant charge held within the unit. And to prevent condensation pooling around the unit, it now includes fitted spigots for drainage hose connection.

Key features of Waterco’s Electroheat MKV heat pump: Energy-efficient – uses 1kW to produce up to 6kW of heat; Unique modern robust design – noise and vibration reduction; Hydrophilic Blue fin evaporator technology – improves corrosion resistance; Dual coil heat exchange – increases heat pump’s performance; Improved condensate collection – two fitted spigots allow drainage hose connection; Refrigerant pressure gauge – indicates the level of gas charge; Improved condensate collection – two fitted spigots allow drainage hose connection.

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