XELSION’s stainless steel plate heat exchanger

The gasketed XPS-211 high-performance, stainless steel plate heat exchanger from XELSION stands out due to its efficiency, hygienic nature, and longevity – especially in CIP areas. 
Ambitious requirements on the quality of the plates as well as its manufacturing, combined with tested, high-quality materials, lead to a very low-pressure drop, high transfer performance, and aboveaverage operating ressures.
The product is exactly designed according to the individual customer specifications for the apparatus to correspond to the specified process parameters and fit perfectly into the customer’s plant. XELSION places particular emphasis on documented national as well as international standards and consistent quality control, approved by the corresponding bodies following Module G of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014 EU.
XELSION calculates, designs, and manufactures unique and custom products with a very high real net output ratio which can be applied in nearly every industry, be it the food or pharmaceutical industry, chemistry, and petrochemistry, the energy sector, or building technology. The customers can choose from a wide range of gasketed and brazed heat exchangers, as well as a large selection of plate and gasket materials. Customizable designs make for many possible combinations and use in virtually every case of application.
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