Alfa Laval launches AlfaNova GL50

Fuel cells will play an important role in the global transition to green energy. AlfaNova GL50 is the first heat exchanger developed specifically for fuel cell systems.

Alfa Laval is committed to supporting the scale-up and commercialization of carbon-neutral energy systems. The company offers a wide range of technologies that are relevant for fuel cell manufacturers and other applications across the hydrogen value chain. The launch of AlfaNova GL50 represents a strengthened focus on fuel cell requirements.

AlfaNova heat exchangers are known around the world for their robustness and ability to handle the most demanding applications. The new AlfaNova GL50 is an asymmetric gas-to-liquid plate heat exchanger, made from 100% stainless steel. It handles gas flows up to 250 m3/h and inlet gas temperatures up to 750°C with exceptional performance. This makes it an optimal choice for fuel cell systems, as well as applications such as waste heat recovery, biogas post-treatment, and cooling of hydrogen from electrolyzers.

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