Project News

Heat transfer is a vital element in a variety of projects. In this section, we provide updates on some of the largest and most influential projects in which heat exchange is incorporated. Our team sources news from projects across the globe, from oil & gas infrastructure giants to smaller scale endeavours.

Types of Heat Exchanger Projects:

These projects can span across different heat exchanger technologies, including shell and tube, plate, finned tube, and spiral heat exchangers. The choice of heat exchanger type for a specific project is dependent on numerous factors, including the nature of the fluids involved, the desired temperature change, the operating pressure and temperature, the available space, and economic considerations.

POWERCHINA has begun construction of CSP in Delingha

POWERCHINA NW, subsidiary of NW Engineering Corp., begins 200MW solar tower CSP project in Delingha.

Startup of China’s nuclear steam project begins: CNNC

CNNC commences China's inaugural industrial nuclear steam supply, conveying steam to petrochemical base for eco-friendly industrial use.

John Crane secures contracts in southern states of USA

John Crane secures contracts for blue hydrogen and battery projects in the US, supplying seals for compressors and pumps.

HRS secures a heat exchanger order worth USD 3.8M

HRS Heat Exchangers secures USD 3.8M order for North American client, advancing environmental initiatives.

Update: Polar Night Energy

Polar Night Energy & Loviisan Lämpö unite for a 1 MW Sand Battery in Pornainen, reducing carbon emissions by 70% and advancing green energy.

Brightcore constructs a geothermal project at Bard

Brightcore Energy spearheads geothermal project at Bard College.

John Crane secures energy transition contracts in USA

John Crane seals key contracts for blue hydrogen & battery storage projects in Southern USA.

Daewoo E&C installs cryogenic heat exchanger at Nigeria

Daewoo E&C completes $1.58B Nigeria NLNG Train 7 cryogenic heat exchanger facility installation.

Alfa Laval to develop SCO2OP-TES

Alfa Laval joins SCO2OP-TES consortium for innovative Power-to-heat energy storage tech in EU's renewable energy strategy.

DexMat and Rice University Receive DOE Funding

DexMat, Rice University receive $1.5M DOE funding for CNT fiber project aiming to boost heat exchange efficiency.

Application Areas:

Heat exchangers find application in various industries such as oil and gas, power generation, chemical processing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, HVAC, and many others. In these sectors, heat exchangers may be used for purposes like heating or cooling process fluids, condensing steam, evaporation, and waste heat recovery, among others.

Heat exchangers represent a critical component of many industrial processes. Their successful completion requires a deep understanding of heat transfer principles, material properties, fabrication methods, and operational considerations.