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Working together with global Heat Exchanger Materials’ experts, engineers and companies involved in the manufacture or use of heat exchangers, we provide here a selection of original, non-commercial articles. These in-depth technical papers are written or co-written by operating companies, describing commercially viable new technologies and case histories of successful applications, backed by data. If you wish to include your technical articles in our magazine, email newsletter or on our website please feel free to contact Ellie Pritchard.

The Technical Articles category in the Heat Exchanger Industry serves as a rich resource for in-depth exploration of the heat exchanger industry’s scientific, technological, and industrial aspects. The category features a collection of articles written by experts, researchers, and industry professionals, providing comprehensive insights into the advanced concepts, emerging trends, and practical applications of heat exchangers.

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MOECO and Chevron: Advanced closed loop geothermal pilot

Chevron signed a JC with MOECO to further explore the technical and commercial feasibility of advanced geothermal energy development.

Experience Exchange: Arnold Schwarzenegger – “Let’s Terminate Pollution!”

Last May, I had the honor of speaking at the Austrian World Summit — an event founded by the visionary duo of Mr. Schwarzenegger and Monika Langthaler.

Shell & tube heat exchangers: Thermal design and optimization

Mihir M. Patel elaborates on thermal design and optimization of S&T heat exchangers, while revisiting critical heat exchanger parts.
Troubleshooting tips for tubular heat exchangers

Troubleshooting tips for tubular heat exchangers

Tubular heat exchangers play a critical role in various industrial processes, facilitating efficient heat transfer between fluids.
Hot data: Waste heat recovery with a difference

Hot data: Waste heat recovery with a difference

Researchers in Luleå, Sweden are combining a fuel cell-powered data centre with a district heating network and a heat exchanger design scheme.
Predicting fouling: A brief introduction

Predicting fouling: A brief introduction

Fouling is the deposition of unwanted material on surfaces. In liquid-solid interfaces, fouling is of particular interest.

Heat exchanger fouling in practice – understand & mitigate – Part 1

In this series of articles we will look at how heat exchangers foul, how to understand the root causes of fouling, and how to mitigate the impact.

Overcoming fouling challenges: Sodium sulphate recovery case study

TAPROGGE explains how they improved the performance of their fertilizer production plant by retrofitting its KLAREN self-cleaning heat exchanger technology.
Hydrogen: The potential for industrial applications

Hydrogen: The potential for industrial applications

The use of hydrogen isn’t yet ubiquitous in the industrial world, but it has an extensive history; it’s not new.
TEMA standards and the shell & tube heat exchanger design

TEMA standards and the shell & tube heat exchanger design

This article aims to define the major TEMA constructions and identifies the advantages, limitations, and applications suitable for each type.

Detailed Analyses and Reviews:

Technical articles featured in this category offer thorough analyses and reviews of various types of heat exchangers, including but not limited to shell and tube, plate, finned tube, and spiral heat exchangers. The articles delve into the intricate design elements, operational principles, and performance characteristics of these heat exchangers.

Emerging Technologies and Innovations:

The category highlights cutting-edge research, technological breakthroughs, and innovative practices in the heat exchanger industry. Topics might include advancements in heat exchanger materials, breakthroughs in heat transfer techniques, development of energy-efficient designs, and the integration of heat exchangers with renewable energy systems.

Software and Computational Tools:

The articles also explore software applications and computational tools for heat exchanger design, simulation, and performance optimization. They discuss the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), heat transfer modeling, and AI-powered predictive maintenance software, among other digital tools.

Case Studies and Practical Applications:

This section contains case studies that illustrate the application of heat exchangers in various industrial contexts. These articles provide real-world examples of heat exchanger selection, installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting in sectors like oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, HVAC, and more.

Regulatory Standards and Guidelines:

Technical articles also discuss regulatory standards, guidelines, and best practices pertaining to the heat exchanger industry. This can range from the manufacturing and design standards to the operation and maintenance protocols.

The Technical Articles in the Heat Exchanger Industry category is an invaluable knowledge base for engineers, researchers, students, and industry professionals. It provides a platform to share and gain insights into the complexities, challenges, and opportunities in the field of heat exchange technology.