HEW EU 2022

Technical Articles

K°Flex: Modular heat exchanger from Kelvion Thermal Solutions

In this article, global leader in heat transfer solutions, Kelvion, demonstrates the benefits of modular heat exchangers across a range of applications.

AM in aerospace: The challenges and rewards of AM heat exchangers

Metal additive technologies are increasingly being deployed to design and manufacture heat exchangers.

HVAC/R Coatings: Standards, development & performance

HVAC/R coatings are designed to protect the metal ‘tube & fin’ heat exchanger coil, which may be subjected to the stresses of an aggressive service environment, resulting in corrosion and the ultimate failure of the HVAC/R asset.

Sweet solution: GEA reduces emissions at Mars

Mars Wrigley Confectionery, the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate, chewing gum, mints and fruity confections, has achieved energy and CO2 reduction with GEA’s heat pump solution at its facility in Veghel, the Netherlands.

Electrification and medium voltage process heater systems

Decarbonization efforts worldwide, led both by industry leaders and legislation, have increased efforts to shift fossil fuel use to renewables.

SWEP BPHEs: Positively impacting cooling during milk production

Milk production is one of the main economic activities in Brazil and the country is currently the sixth largest producer in the world.

The versatility of pillow plate heat exchangers

This article aims to introduce the pillow plate heat exchanger (PPHE) by indicating its main characteristics and manufacturing process.

HUBER SE: The world’s largest project for energy recovery from wastewater

Wastewater solutions provider HUBER supplies its novel technology for what is currently the world’s largest project for energy recovery from wastewater at the Toronto Western Hospital.

The importance of product identity in heat exchanger specification

When it comes to choosing the right heat exchanger, the biggest factor is the nature of the materials being processed and the client’s requirements for the finished product – something that we refer to as the product identity.

Bio-refinery application of shell and tube heat exchanger

The modern world is moving its focus towards the green energy transitionas well as complete decarbonization. As an important intermediate stepin achieving that goal, biofuels provide an economical alternative.