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The News Category serves as the main hub for all news, updates, and information relating to the field of heat exchange technology. This broad category encompasses a wide range of subcategories, offering comprehensive insights into various aspects of the heat exchanger industry. It covers everything from technical articles, product launches, software updates, industry trends, research breakthroughs, and much more.

Szeged increases geothermal district heating capacity

Szeged boosts geothermal heating, cuts 4,482 tons of CO2 annually.

Saint-Gobain to reduce Scope 1 CO2 emissions by 15%

Saint-Gobain lowers CO2 emissions by 15% with new heat exchanger system in BC.

John Crane secures energy transition contracts in USA

John Crane seals key contracts for blue hydrogen & battery storage projects in Southern USA.

Daewoo E&C installs cryogenic heat exchanger at Nigeria

Daewoo E&C completes $1.58B Nigeria NLNG Train 7 cryogenic heat exchanger facility installation.

Lummus secures a contract from Hyundai

Lummus Technology secures contract for SRT® ethylene cracking heaters at SATORP's Amiral complex in Saudi Arabia.

Hydroniq Coolers awarded frame agreement for MR tanker equipment

Hydroniq Coolers secures frame agreement with Framo for tube coolers in MR tankers, enhancing efficiency

Eni Announces Construction of Italy’s Third Bio-Refinery

Eni to build Italy's third bio-refinery in Livorno, boosting biofuels production for decarbonization by 2050.

Alfa Laval to develop SCO2OP-TES

Alfa Laval joins SCO2OP-TES consortium for innovative Power-to-heat energy storage tech in EU's renewable energy strategy.

Tube Tech unveils Mark 7 fired heater rover system

Tube Tech unveils Mark 7 fired heater rover, a breakthrough in cleaning tech, eliminates over 90% of convection section fouling.

Orcan Energy Expands Production Capacities in Kiel

Orcan Energy expands with new production unit in Kiel, Germany, meeting rising global demand for waste heat recovery solutions.

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