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Our Featured Story archive is a collection of unique articles specially chosen by the Editor. In addition to industry updates, market news and topical issues of the day the Feature Story provides an interesting mix of company profiles, in-depth technical articles, and reports from major end users. The section also features projects in a variety of industries ranging from oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical to the power generation and food and beverage industries.

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The role of heat exchangers in complete systems

Post-Covid, HRS Heat Exchangers sees 60% sales growth globally, shifting focus to full system commissions.

Ward Vessel & Exchanger: Beyond the blueprint – prioritizing people and progress through innovation

Leading industrial heat transfer equipment manufacturer, Ward Vessel & Exchanger, prioritizes people and innovation for exceptional service.

A comprehensive guide to designing and fabricating a shell and tube heat exchanger –...

Unlock design success with our comprehensive guide! Seamlessly collaborate, streamline processes, and master the workflow.

Standards for HVAC/R coatings – fighting to be real and relevant

HVAC/R coatings protect heat exchanger coils from corrosion, tested per ASTM and ISO standards, demanding thorough real-world analysis.

Green hydrogen as beacon of hope: Overcoming technological challenges together

Innovative energy-efficient technologies are vital for reducing energy demand across various applications, aligning with Paris climate goals.

Evolution of heat exchangers: From ancient innovations to modern advancements

The evolution of heat exchangers, from ancient innovations to today's cutting-edge technologies and the demand for energy efficiency over the centuries.

Heavy Metal & Tubes: Indian quality, global success

Heavy Metal & Tubes (India) Pvt. Ltd., led by Mr. Sandeep Kumar Mathur, excels in manufacturing seamless carbon, alloy, and stainless steel tubes.

IOGP-JIP33: Standardising equipment procurement specifications

The IOGP JIP33 program has quickly succeeded and is actively promoting industry-wide adoption across the industry.

Feedwater heater leak detection

Feedwater heater reliable operation plays a critical role in maintaining low heat rates and high availability. Thermal power plants suffer significant derates and energy loss due to feedwater heater tube leakage annually.

Duplex stainless steel as a material of construction in alkaline electrolyzers

In the shift toward sustainable, low-carbon industrial operations, clean hydrogen use reduces fossil fuel dependence and supports energy storage.