HEW EU 2022

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The latest news in product releases, heat exchange software, equipment, and processes. In this section, you can discover all things new in the world of heat exchange – fresh ideas, advanced technology, and industry-specific solutions.

Oklo runs tests at Argonne National Laboratory’s THETA

Oklo Inc has become the first developer to run tests at Argonne National Laboratory's new Thermal Hydraulic Experimental Test Article (THETA) capability.

Cummins introduces a new rating for its QSC8.3 engine

Cummins Inc. introduced a new rating for its QSC8.3 propulsion engine, expanding the keel cooled solution to 600 horsepower with an engine speed of 2800 rpm.

LU-VE Group installs a new production line in Limana

In 2004, LU-VE Group created products that use natural refrigerant fluids (CO2, NH3, HC), as an alternative to traditional HFCs.

VPE to design and manufacture PCHE

VPE was recently contracted by GE to design and manufacture a 14 MW fuel gas performance printed circuit heat exchanger (PCHE). This heat exchanger will be a part of GE’s advanced 7HA.02 gas turbine technology....

Alfa Laval launches TS45 gasket plate heat exchanger

Alfa Laval is now launching the newest in its gasketed plate heat exchanger range, promising to impact an even wider range of applications and industries.The TS45 is the world’s most modern gasket plate heat exchanger.

Thermoelectric generator turn waste heat to electricity

A new flexible thermoelectric generator can wrap around pipes and other hot surfaces and convert wasted heat into electricity more efficiently, according to scientists at Penn State and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

SWEP introduces FTW250AS brazed plate heat exchanger

SWEP announced the introduction of the FTW250AS brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE), the first BPHE based on the Company's novel Hypertwain® technology.

Watlow unveils POWERSAFE™ medium voltage thermal system

Watlow® announced the launch of its new POWERSAFE™ medium voltage thermal system, which is a fully integrated heating and control solution that is a safe, reliable and clean replacement for fossil fuel alternatives in process equipment.

Daikin launches Daikin ATMOSPHERA with R-32 refrigerant

For the first time in North America, Daikin is launching a home comfort product featuring R-32, a refrigerant with one-third the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of the most common refrigerants currently being used in the United States and Canada.

FUNKE develops safety shell and tube heat exchangers

Safety shell and tube heat exchangers were developed and patented back in the 80’s by FUNKE Wärmeaustauscher Apparatebau GmbH