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The latest news in product releases, heat exchange software, equipment, and processes. In this section, you can discover all things new in the world of heat exchange – fresh ideas, advanced technology, and industry-specific solutions.

Alfa Laval launches AlfaNova GL50

AlfaNova GL50 is the first heat exchanger developed specifically for fuel cell systems.

Sondex HEX from Danfoss for industrial applications

This type of heat exchanger is commonly used in various industries, including HVAC, chemical, and food processing.

Conflux exhibits customisable heat exchangers at Avalon

Conflux Technology will be showcasing its increasing line of customisable additively manufactured heat exchangers at Avalon Air show 2023.

Daikin launches second generation of R32 chillers

Innovative new features incorporated into the new R32 chillers offer optimised performance.

Alfa Laval launches PureBilge Compact

Alfa Laval announced the launch of PureBilge Compact, a compact version of the oily water separator PureBilge

Lehigh engineers unveil Lehigh Thermal Battery

Lehigh engineers, with support from the Department of Energy, have developed a new thermal energy system, the Lehigh Thermal Battery.

Alfa Laval introduces HVO & FAME in the marine industry

Biofuels are a current and accessible fuel option that can help marine customers decarbonize. Yet while biofuels reduce CO2 footprint, they also pose new...

CO2 heat pumps are ‘optimal’ for heating applications

CO2 (R744)-based air source heat pumps are optimal for centralized heating applications up to 10MW (2,843TR), according to Kim Gardø Christensen, CEO at Fenagy.

Wien Energie develop geothermal heating plant in Aspern

Wien Energie will be developing the city's first geothermal heating system in Aspern with a planned 20 MW capacity.

Tokamak announces ST80-HTS advanced prototype

Tokamak Energy announced plans for its advanced prototype, ST80-HTS, which will be the world's first high-field spherical tokamak using high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnets, at scale.