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AquaForce 30HX with refrigerant R-513A is available now

Carrier introduces AquaForce® 30HX chiller with lower GWP refrigerant R-513A for environmentally balanced impact and high efficiency.

Climaveneta presents the new air-cooled chiller FX

Mitsubishi Electric's Climaveneta introduces the FX: a high-efficiency air-cooled chiller with CSC screw compressors and advanced W3000TE control.

Kaori develops large-scale In-Row 800kW L/L CDU

Optimize data center cooling with Kaori's In-Row 800kW CDU, a key component for efficient liquid cooling in servers and D2C cold-plate cabinets.

Modine purchases specific assets of TMG Core

Modine acquires TMG Core assets, targeting the growing data center liquid cooling market expected to reach $7.8bn by 2028.

Origin SSHE delivers savings, simplicity & flexibility

SPX FLOW introduces Origin Series Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger, enhancing efficiency in food and dairy processing.

NREL enhances REopt web tool

Geothermal heat pumps efficiently use underground temperatures for heating and cooling, REopt's new feature assesses vertical bore heat exchangers.

Spirax Sarco introduces Turflow heat exchanger

Spirax Sarco introduces Turflow heat exchanger for efficient fluid heating and cooling across various industries.

Future cooling technology MITCO2 heat exchangers

Using CO2 as a refrigerant does not harm the atmospheric ozone layer and prolongs the life of the heat exchanger, preventing further environmental pollution....

Premier proposes a Geothermal energy storage project

Bakersfield-based Premier Resource Management LLC (Premier) is proposing a geothermal energy storage project in Antelope Hills in Kern County, California.

TWI to develop Al-alloy PCHEs using Al-6082

The initial phase will involve the design of a simplified, scaled-down but representative PCHE demonstrator.


Heat exchanger design and simulation software tools continue to evolve, offering more accurate modeling, increased computational speed, and enhanced user experience. This segment brings updates on the latest software releases, version upgrades, and breakthroughs in computational algorithms for heat exchanger design and analysis. From AI-driven predictive maintenance software to advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations, this category keeps professionals abreast of the latest digital advancements.


Heat exchangers, as key equipment in a plethora of industries, are continually being refined and innovated. This section covers news on the latest equipment, including various types of heat exchangers like shell and tube, plate, finned tube, and spiral, among others. It encompasses updates about novel materials, innovative designs, performance enhancements, energy efficiency improvements, and sustainability initiatives in heat exchanger manufacturing and operation.


Innovations in heat exchange processes are crucial for industries striving to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact. This segment features news about improved heat exchange methods, optimization strategies, and emerging applications. It includes novel processes in fields like power generation, chemical processing, oil and gas, HVAC, and more.

Industry and Regulatory Updates:

In addition to technological advancements, this category also highlights important industry trends, market analyses, regulatory changes, and standards updates related to heat exchangers. This information is crucial for decision-makers, engineers, and professionals involved in the design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance of heat exchange equipment and processes.