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Lummus launches Helixchanger® 2.0 system

Lummus Technology has launched its latest heat exchanger technology, the Helixchanger® 2.0 system.

Alfa Laval establish a business unit in hydrogen sector

Alfa Laval forms the new Business Unit Electrolyzer and Fuel Cell Technologies to seize hydrogen sector opportunities.

Swedish Ambassador visits Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval hosts Swedish Ambassador to Italy at their BHE factory in San Bonifacio, emphasizing the importance of Swedish business ventures in Italy.

Alfa Laval Net zero launch event

Alfa Laval unveils net zero innovations, focusing on sustainability, energy efficiency, clean energy, circularity, and water across industries.

Tranter supports waste-to-energy CHP plant

Tranter secures order for three NovusBloc® stainless steel heat exchangers for a CHP plant in Stockholm, Sweden.

CG Thermal receives the 2023 VAALER Award

CG Thermal earns 2023 VAALER Award for pioneering PPS-GR material in harsh process streams.

A 3D computational fluid dynamics model for heat pipes

A research group has developed a transient 3D computational fluid dynamics model to investigate liquid-vapor flow and heat transfer for a water heat pipe.

Metso secures a major order from Albemarle Lithium

Albemarle Lithium Pty Ltd has awarded Metso an order for ancillary equipment for their calcining and acid roasting facilities.

Valve World Mexico will once again bring together the industry!

Valve World Mexico Conference and Expo makes a comeback in 2023! This September 27th and 28th at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel.

Good Energy acquires share capital of Wessex EcoEnergy

Good Energy Group, acquires the entire share capital of Wessex EcoEnergy Limited on a debt-free, cash-free basis for an initial consideration of £ 2.5M.

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