Alfa Laval new HEXpert tool to heat exchanger selection

Alfa Laval works closely with customers to match them to the best heat transfer equipment for their needs. Much of that experience is now available in HEXpert: an online heat exchanger selector tool for demanding process applications, such as those in the petrochemical and oil & gas industries. With an intuitive interface, HEXpert makes it easier and faster for customers to get guidance for their process demands. 
“For most of our customers in the heavy process industries, finding the right heat exchanger solution is essential,” says Christian Thomsen, President of Business Unit Welded Heat Exchangers at Alfa Laval. “Getting this right brings them very big returns in terms of reliability, sustainability and plant operating economy.”
HEXpert aims to simplify the lengthy and complicated purchase process through four easy-to-follow question and answer steps. The company claims that customers can receive a heat exchanger recommendation fully tailored to their needs in around five minutes.
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