Alfa Laval with MOSS to build an energy storage plant

Alfa Laval to be a part of the consortium Molten Salt Storage (MOSS), funded by the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP). The project aims at bringing Hyme Energy’s novel thermal storage technology to life through a strong collaboration with industrial and academic partners: Alfa Laval, KIRT X THOMSEN, SULZER, Seaborg, Aalborg University, Energy Cluster Denmark, Hyme Energy, and DIN Forsyning.

Alfa Laval will be vital to enable commercially viable long-duration energy storage, fundamental for the decarbonization of Industrial heat. As a significant contributor to the MOSS project, Alfa Laval will deliver the Header & Coil steam generator that is a critical component in the process and the key for producing steam from the system.

As the consortium pilot plant, the MOSS production facility will be able to test and prove the scalability of the system and the technological development of the solution.

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