Allelys supports heat exchanger project in Teesside

Allelys has recently contributed to a heat exchanger project in Teesside, by delivering a series of vessels from Teesport to Lazenby.

Allelys original scope of work was to receive and deliver two large vessels, the first being 30m long and weighing 130te and the second 12m long and weighing 29te. However, this scope increased when Allelys was further contracted to deliver additional loads to the site consisting of 5 smaller vessels weighing up to 4.5te and two ancillary boxes.

Allelys planned the operation to deliver the loads in convoy, to minimise disruption and accelerate the delivery time, utilising a 7 bed 6 axle trailer for the 130te vessel, a 3-axle wafer deck for the 29te vessel and a flat bed trailer for the smaller vessels and ancillary boxes. Allelys provided and laid steel plates around each of the rail tracks to support the loads and gain access to the delivery area. Once the deliveries reached their destination, the two larger pieces were offloaded using the trailer hydraulics, and the smaller loads were offloaded using Allelys’ hiab

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