ALLOY VIM furnace for UPC Precision Castings

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has purchased a vacuum titanium casting furnace from SECO/WARWICK for UPC Precision Castings. ALLOY VIM (40kg-400kW) is a single-chamber furnace, equipped with a hot (ceramic) and cold (copper, for CWI processes) crucible. The Alloy VIM furnace has a three-stage vacuum system, and is equipped with mechanical, Roots and diffusion pumps. The system allows the furnace to obtain a high vacuum in the range of 10-5 mbar. The device is also equipped with a mold heater. The device has stub pipes where additional furnace equipment, such as an alloy additive feeder, can be installed in the future. It is undoubtedly a very versatile and efficient device.

The furnace purchased for the UPC Precision Castings foundry makes it possible to obtain both – superalloys and high-quality titanium castings. As a result, it allows foundries to quickly respond to dynamically changing customers’ needs. The Alloy VIM furnace allows the customer to adapt the production to current needs.

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