Ansaldo Energia signs a 50m contract in Poland

Ansaldo Energia has been awarded a contract for the supply of an 80 MW AE64.3 gas turbine and the related maintenance contract for a value of approximately EUR 50M from the customer Synthos, a Polish chemical company in the production of rubbers and polymers. 
The turbine, being a part of the CCGT unit, will be installed at the Oswiecim plant, replacing the old coal boiler; when in operation, it will guarantee the production of electricity and process steam required by the plant as well as heat for the local district heating. This action is part of the new Polish capacity market, but it fits, above all, in the context of the European Union Coal Phase-Out, which provides as a condition to remain within the Paris Climate Agreement the shutdown of at least a quarter of the coal plants by the end of 2020 and another 47% by 2025.
Ansaldo Energia, already present with its gas turbines on the Polish market of cogeneration plants, was selected for its adaptability to the local market requirements and, in particular, for the reliability of its AE64.3 gas turbine, one of the qualifying factors of its supply and an essential one to avoid production losses of the plant due to interruptions in steam production.
From the smallest AE 64.3A gas turbine to the maxi turbine of class H GT36, Ansaldo Energia – with its wide range of products – can satisfy all the different needs of customers.
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