Asian refinery group selects K?Bloc

Kelvion has won a contract of approximately nine million Euro for the supply of several K?Bloc, Kelvion compact welded plate heat exchangers, to a refinery group in Asia. The units will support the group’s aim of increasing production capacity by 150% and reaching 360,000 barrels per day capacity as a target of the modernization program.

As a high efficient heat transfer solution, K?Bloc is an premium fit to maximize the efficiency, reduce emissions and the impact on project CAPEX. This expansion will also enable the refinery to produce high-quality fuels of Euro V standard.

“We are very happy to help this renowned refinery group to achieve their aim of increasing production capacity with maximized efficiency and minor impact to the environment.”

Tanguy Boisselet, Vice-President Sales for Asia-Pacifictold Heat Exchanger World.
K°Bloc units were chosen for crude oil preheating duties in the crude distillation unit (CDU) because of its proven experience in providing high efficiency, reliability, robustness and corrosion resistance in severe and critical applications. They also meet the customer’s specifications for thermal design, energy saving, and minimal fouling, compared with conventional shell & tube heat exchangers.

In the CDU K?Bloc units will be used for the following:

• Pre-flash column overhead vapor/crude oil

• Pre-flash column overhead vapor/cooling water

• Light, heavy and full range Naphtha/crude oil

• Kerosene/crude oil

• Kerosene/desalted crude oil

• Atmospheric residue/desalted crude oil.

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