ASSAN ALÜMINYUM orders 4 Vortex® furnaces

ASSAN ALÜMINYUM has ordered 4 additional aluminum coil annealing furnaces, which are equipped with an even more efficient Vortex® 2.0 system.

Vortex® is a highly effective system for aluminum coil annealing. In the latest version 2.0, the furnace is equipped with an improved nozzle system, which in turn produces increased heat transfer efficiency.

Vortex is a guarantee of better heating temperature uniformity and the lack of local overheating on the coil surface, which significantly affects the final quality of the heat-treated material. The Vortex system provides a significant reduction in the total process time compared to traditional systems.

Assan ALÜMINYUM is the largest flat-rolled aluminum producer in the industry, providing products for industries such as construction, automotive, HVAC and packaging.

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