AWK series plate air preheater delivered in April 2019

With the joint efforts of Yangzi Petrochemical and Accessen technical production team, the “blue sky guardian” AWK series large air preheater manufactured by Accessen passed the whole process of third-party technical review and strict inspection (helium inspection), and was accepted and delivered in April 2019.

Located in Nanjing, Yangzi Petrochemical is also one of the key enterprises of Sinopec system. With its leading heat exchange solutions and rich experience in product application, Accessen provided Yangzi Petrochemical with reliable efficient AKW series fully welded plate air preheater which is used in flue gas waste heat recovery system.

AKW series plate air preheater products are characterized by high heat transfer efficiency, low pressure, good heat transfer efficiency, small footprint, high-temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, long service life, and modular assembly. After the successful operation of the project, about 30 tons of standard coal can be saved every day, which greatly reduces the air pollution caused by coal burning and saves a large amount of energy costs. In this way, the real significance of energy conservation and emission reduction can be achieved, which is beneficial to the country and the people.

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