BDR recognizes Alfa Laval for plate heat exchangers

BDR Thermea Group is a European manufacturer of thermal comfort solutions, with brands that include Baxi, De Dietrich, Remeha. They recently recognized Alfa Laval for key contributions to BDR Thermea’s vision of bringing about a carbon-zero future. This certification is the first of its kind that Alfa Laval has received, and it confirms the important role that Alfa Laval’s plate heat exchangers play in the sustainability of the company’s solutions. 
BDR Thermea manufactures commercial and residential heating and cooling solutions, with climate comfort products for everything from small homes to huge, multi-storey buildings. They have an extensive product range that includes heat pumps, boilers, and co-generation solutions. Alfa Laval is a vital partner to BDR Thermea’s business, with a close relationship based on mutual collaboration.
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