Calderys takes part in TWINGHY

Calderys collaborates as a key partner in the TWINGHY initiative, which focuses on exploring hydrogen as a viable alternative to natural gas in steel reheating furnaces. Commencing in the summer of 2023 and set to conclude in 2027, this project operates out of the CELSA Group plant in Barcelona, Spain.

At the heart of the endeavor lies the evaluation and demonstration of an innovative heat transfer methodology within steel reheating furnaces. By employing hybrid burners, the project aims to augment the utilization of hydrogen for direct combustion alongside oxygen. The control mechanism for this process relies on a digital twin of the furnace, aptly named (digital) TWIN for Green HYdrogen.

Drawing upon decades of expertise, Calderys specializes in tailoring refractory solutions for Reheat furnaces. These solutions are meticulously crafted to enhance equipment performance while optimizing costs, encompassing installation, labor, energy consumption, and carbon emissions. Moreover, Calderys prides itself on delivering localized, expert support through its expansive network.

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