Carrier AquaSnap® 61AF deploy in London & West Midlands

More than 180 Carrier AquaSnap® 61AF air-to-water heat pumps are being deployed in 60 schools in Southwark Diocese and Barnet in London, and Dudley in the West Midlands, reducing carbon emissions and cutting energy bills. Carrier AquaSnap® 61AF air-to-water heat pumps were selected for the project by Asset+. The project involved close collaboration between project partners Asset+, Carrier, and installer OMNI Heat and Power Ltd.

Carrier AquaSnap® 61AF air-to-water monobloc heat pumps are specifically designed for domestic hot water production and heating in new and refurbished buildings. Generating a water temperature of up to 65°C, they are based on high-efficiency, quiet-running scroll compressors and have a compact footprint and low profile, saving valuable space on site. The unit has an extended range allowing it to continue operating when outside temperatures fall to as low as −20°C.

Innovative, efficient solutions such as AquaSnap heat pumps support Carrier’s 2030 Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Goals of reducing customer’s carbon footprint by more than 1 gigaton

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