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Laser metal deposition for waste-to-energy pressurized boiler components

Featured Story – Overview of laser metal deposition for waste-to-energy pressurized boiler components *

This article gives a brief overview of recent Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) advances in the WTE boiler industry.
Fig. 1. The inside surface (the acid side) of a leaked tube.

Featured Story – Substituting 316L by duplex in a heat exchanger combat erosion

In an organic chemical plant, a high-molecular weight organic acid vaporizer in a shell-and-tube heat exchanger, developed leakage within four months of going into service. The equipment was used to convert liquid acid to vapor under high pressure and above the boiling point of the acid. One of the nozzle pipes from the downstream reactor, which was processing the vapor in the same circuit, also developed a premature leakage.
Spiral heat exchangers are difficult to clean and service. For the most challenging and high-fouling applications a scraped surface heat exchanger may be necessary.

Featured Story – Spiral or corrugated tube heat exchangers – which is best for...

Since the first spiral heat exchanger was proposed back in the 19th century, they have become synonymous with the treatment of slurries and wastewater; materials which have a high fouling risk, are viscous, or which contain fibers and solid materials. However, in many situations the performance of a corrugated tube heat exchanger is equal to or better than that of a spiral design.
Chemical laboratory research and complex manufacturing

Featured Story – Cleaning industrial assets with Angara Industries

The team behind Angara Industries consists of dedicated professionals who have combined experience in chemical laboratory research and complex manufacturing of 25 years plus 26 years in industrial production and equipment service. In addition they have 42 years’ experience in sales and business development in oil & gas as well as other industrial and technical sectors. Managing Aging Plants had the pleasure of speaking with Ilya Rodin, CEO with Angara Industries.
A heat exchange unit at the Pernis facility

Featured Story – Residual heat as green energy

In 2018, Shell began supplying the city of Rotterdam with enough residual heat from their Pernis refinery to meet the energy needs of 16,000 households. The project, known as the Pernis Residual Heat Initiative, depends on an interdisciplinary team of engineers to design and maintain the supply networks that make large-scale energy recycling possible.
Welded stainless steel tubes

Featured Story – Longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes and an appropriate logistics concept for...

GEA has a reputation for fulfilling the high hygienic demands made by the food and beverages industry with its production machinery. The company’s Ahaus site produces not only milk and juice processing systems but also heat exchangers for heating and cooling in aseptic procedures. The fitted tubes inside the pressure vessels coming into contact with the products are supplied by Schoeller Werk in Hellenthal, Germany.
Iron Smelter

Featured Story – Heat recovery in steel plants to boost competitiveness

Kristijan Plesnik, energy manager at the steel production SIJ Metal Ravne in Slovenia, talks to ESCI about economic threats to steel production and how these may affect EU climate targets. Kristijan is also involved in the EU-funded ETEKINA project, which looks at new innovative ways to recover waste heat in energy-intensive industries using heat pipes.

Featured Story – Working together to find the best solution

To improve performance of heat exchanger tubing in challenging urea production environments, Sandvik Materials Technology worked with Stamicarbon BV to develop Safurex Star, an advanced alloy for use with high pressure (HP) strippers. Jane Eriksson, Sales & Marketing Manager for Tube EMEA for Sandvik Materials Technology discusses.
Process technology

Featured Story – Longitudinally welded tubes: ideal for heat exchangers

GEA is one of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a wide range of other industries. The international technology group focuses on process technology and components for sophisticated production processes in various end-user markets. Heat exchangers are at the heart of much of its technology and longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes are proving the ideal material for these.

Featured Story – Optical Gas Imaging Vs. Method 21 for Detecting Hydrocarbon Emissions

Often with Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) surveys, companies are stuck using traditional strategies that aren’t very efficient. In fact,despite recent technological advancements, many businesses seem reluctant to ‘take the plunge and embrace newer methods that would help them detect fugitive emissions in their operations. In this article, Terence Trefiak of Target Emissions Services discusses Optical Gas Imaging Camera (OGIC) technology for LDAR versus Method 21, and the AWP.