CO2 heat pumps are ‘optimal’ for heating applications

CO2 (R744)-based air source heat pumps are optimal for centralized heating applications up to 10MW (2,843TR), according to Kim Gardø Christensen, CEO at Fenagy. Christensen previously stated that CO2 heat pumps are “really good” for district heating applications and the best available technology in the 0.5–5MW (142–1,422TR) capacity range. Fenagy produces modular CO2 heat pump units that offer up to 2MW (569TR) in heating capacity. Where larger capacities are needed, multiple units can be combined to produce a larger system.

While Fenagy focuses predominantly on CO2 systems, the company also manufactures integrated systems that utilize hydrocarbons in addition to R744.

Fenagy manages projects from system design and development through to commissioning and remote monitoring. The company is currently working on 30 installations across Europe – mainly Norway, Denmark and England – with a total capacity of more than 50MW (14,217TR).

Current projects include multiple district heating systems in Denmark, as well as some larger commercial and industrial heat pump systems.

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