Condenser of aromas and vapours in the cheese industry

One of the most important cheese producers worldwide (with a portfolio of brands of sliced cheese, spreads, fresh and creamy cheeses) has commissioned SACOME to design and manufacturing a custom-designed condenser with very particular characteristics. 

The client needed to replace an equipment installed in their facilities. The new condenser is intended for the condensation of aromas and vapours under vacuum conditions. The condenser had to fit into the tight floor space (just over 1 meter) and provide a higher heat exchange power. On the other hand, the client had different service fluids (cold water at 8ºC and water tower at 20ºC). The producer wanted to take advantage of both service fluids to minimize energy consumption.

In order to solve the problem raised, SACOME’S Technical Department evaluated different alternatives and finally manufactured a double condenser — a condenser with a single tube channel (hygienic channel, capable of being cleaned with a CIP solution) and two independent service channels in the same heat exchanger (our S-TFM-I heat exchanger). This posed some challenges when it came to manufacturing and assembling the equipment. However, and in accordance with SACOME’S company values, they design and manufacture custom solutions to meet the client’s needs. 
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