Cooling of soda solution in oil & gas facilities

Tempco have recently released an interesting application for the cooling of soda caustic solution employed in the separation and purification process in oil & gas facilities. The system employs a plate heat exchanger served by a chiller that produces nonfreezing solution at the temperature of 0 °C employed for the cooling of a caustic soda solution at 4%. The soda solution comes from the depuration process of the condensations of the petrochemical plant, with an inlet temperature in the plate heat exchanger of approx. 45 °C and outlet temperature of 25 °C.

The heat exchangers have titanium plates, ensuring corrosion resistance due to the possible presence of chlorides concentrations. The thermal power capacity is 500 KW, and all the connecting pipes are mixed rigid and flexible, in order to allow easy installation operations on-site.

The chiller provides the heat dissipation of the thermal energy removed from the soda solution and must ensure 365/24 operations. The system is thus equipped with redundancy, with multi-compressor and multi-circuit, avoiding interruptions of the depuration process even in case of partial fault.

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