Cory signs a partnership with Sheen Parkside

Cory has joined forces with Sheen Parkside to initiate a heating decarbonization project along the River Thames, utilizing thermal batteries to transfer waste heat.

The Thames Mobile Heat Consortium, in collaboration with Sunamp, will capture heat from Cory’s Riverside EfW plant in Belvedere, storing it in Sunamp thermal batteries and transporting it by barge to key heat consumers.

Employing phase change thermal storage technology developed by Sunamp and the University of Edinburgh, the project utilizes salt-based, non-toxic PCM in specially designed shipping containers for easy barge transport.

During heat transportation, the thermal batteries remain on the barge, while at the discharge location, heat is drawn from the batteries via an internal heat exchanger connected to a water pipe along a jetty.

Cory will manage the marine logistics independently, operating separately from its waste transfer operations.

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