Doosan Heavy Industries diversifying hydrogen business

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is stepping up efforts to diversify its hydrogen business. The plan is to acquire the technology and track record for producing clean hydrogen, such as blue and green hydrogen, successfully develop a hydrogen gas turbine and build up the company’s hydrogen-related equipment business, all of which will be pursued to solidify Doosan’s position as the market leader in the hydrogen business. 
Doosan’s efforts for “clean hydrogen production,” namely blue and green hydrogen, are picking up speed. With the target year set as 2022, Doosan has been working on constructing a hydrogen liquefaction plant within the complex of its Changwon plant, which will be used to produce blue hydrogen for future supply and utilization. Blue hydrogen is low carbon-emitting hydrogen that is produced by capturing and storing the carbon emissions generated during the production of hydrogen from fossil fuels. Doosan will be applying the high-efficiency CCUS (carbon capture, utilization, and storage) technology to produce blue hydrogen.
The production of green hydrogen using wind power is also well underway on Jeju island. The option of applying small modular reactors (SMRs) to produce clean hydrogen is also being reviewed. Given that renewable energy, such as solar and wind energy, and nuclear power, are all sources that emit zero carbon emissions, they are receiving attention both at home and abroad as viable energy sources for achieving clean hydrogen production.
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, the fifth company in the world to have successfully developed an industrial gas turbine for power generation, is now working on the development of a hydrogen gas turbine for power generation as part of its business expansion efforts. Hydrogen gas turbines use either hydrogen or a hydrogen-natural gas mixture as fuel.
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