Eco-Zero developed by Vencomatic with Wageningen

People and animals are struggling with the heat records that Europe faces, but the laying hens of the Verbeek family in Lunteren, the Netherlands, are doing well. While the outside temperature reached 42 °C last week, the temperature in their new poultry house remained below 29 °C. And the free-range chickens could still go outside if they wanted. It is thanks to the innovative climate system, Eco-Zero, developed by Vencomatic Group in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research.

Also, the Eco-Zero system ensures a much less dusty poultry house and limits the emission of fine dust to 80%. So no power-consuming air conditioner, but a cleverly designed heat exchanger, expanded with adiabatic cooling (with water).

The Eco-Zero system is currently in use at two locations in the Netherlands: at the free-range farm of the Verbeek family in Lunteren, and at an organic laying poultry farm in Limburg. Over the coming year, Wageningen UR is measuring the performance of the system in terms of ammonia, fine dust and odor before the system will be introduced commercially.

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